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Scott Anderson

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About Scott Anderson

As the founder of Alliance Sales and Marketing, Scott Anderson has always believed that people make a difference and that business is deeply personal. He leads his national team with a progressive future-forward style that’s based on the ideology that winning requires discipline, determination, and preparation.

Scott is a former college athlete and is still an unrelenting competitor (in the workplace and on and off the soccer field). He entered the corporate world of consumer products knowing that it provided a plethora of possibilities. His vision of how business should be conducted has always guided his entrepreneurial spirit and is the reason Alliance has grown exponentially since launching in 2004.

In addition to creating his own company, his career in the CPG industry also included time in the field and corporate offices of Kraft/General Foods, Campbell’s Soup, and Ocean Spray. He’s always gone above and beyond for clients—always challenging himself to continue to learn the latest trends and technologies. His enthusiasm has even led to a venture with a leading financial turnaround group.

Throughout Scott’s career, he’s gained well-rounded experience in CPG across sales, marketing, brand management, and data analytics. In fact, because of his experience in analyzing data, he understands firsthand that those insights are the foundation for building a successful and sustainable brand.

Out of the office, Scott has served as a board member for various external corporate and industry organizations. His community outreach fuels new ideas and continues to spark his passion for life-long learning.

As CEO, Scott has positioned Alliance as a leader in the industry—building brands like Stonyfield, Chobani, Kind Bar, Talenti, RX Bar, and Halo Top. While Alliance has disrupted several categories by introducing new brands, they’ve also served to re-energizing heritage brands, propelling them back into leadership positions.

I am inspired every day by the remarkable employees who make Alliance great and am driven by the knowledge that, although we have a long list of distinguished successes, we have only just begun.

The excitement and the energy within our team and among our brand partners motivates us to continue to innovate and challenge the status quo within our space.”

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