The Best Advice from Successful Food Entrepreneurs

Building a successful business has many challenges. Building a successful food business has even more challenges. To help you go from good to great in 2020, we’ve compiled a list of sage advice from some of the most successful leaders in the industry:



Not every business decision is an economic one, and success is best when it’s shared. I think our track record of health insurance, equity in the form of stock options and free college tuition – putting those programs in place, which I never viewed as an expense but an investment – has played out in a way that I’m very proud of.” – Howard Schultz, Former Starbucks CEO




“A picture’s worth a thousand words. Determine what will make you stand out on the shelf and test before you leap. Don’t spend thousands of dollars on packaging just because friends and family tell you it’s the only way to go.” – Doug Foreman, Founder of Beanitos




“Great founders are learning machines. The more you know about business, mental models, technology and other pertinent areas for your business, the better you can be at making decisions. Many of these decisions can meaningfully change the trajectory of the company. So, go out of your way to learn – from books, from people and from experiences” – Aproova Mehta, Founder of Instacart



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