Why You May Need a CPG Package Redesign

CPG companies have a lot at stake when it comes to their brand image, and certainly, one of the most important details is brand packaging. It is not only the first impression consumers see at the store level, but the product must ultimately hold persuasive sway in order to land in shopping carts. Changing your CPG packaging is tricky and requires a strategic dive into the reasons for a reinvention. Here’s a list of specific questions to ask as you ponder and answer as you ponder new ways to position your brand so it stands out among competitors—and in the eyes of the consumer.

Is the Product Packaging Outdated?

If it’s been several years since you’ve redesigned your brand packaging and your sales are lackluster, then your packaging design may be overdue for an update. Customer tastes change with each passing year and they may view some designs as stale. Recently, Conagra overhauled several of its key brands, including Healthy Choice. The company updated the packaging with a bolder design, easy-to-read labels, and added trendy bowls infused with ethnic flavors. As a result, Healthy Choice posted the strongest repeat rates among new buyers for the top five brands in the frozen food category for the 14 weeks ending May 31, according to data from IRI.

Has the Company Rebranded?

As a food and beverage business owner, you may have rebranded your company to target a completely new audience, or your company’s goals and identity have changed. Whatever your new unique brand image may be, remember to update your packaging because consumers will associate it with your brand identity.

Have You Changed the Product Formula?

If you’ve improved upon an existing product and the result is that it now has added benefits that make it more appealing, then it’s imperative to communicate this on the package in a visually bold way. Innovating ingredients to align with healthier and fresher trends like keto, low-glycemic, probiotic, and other consumer buzzwords will pay off when shoppers make a purchasing decision—especially when the crowded retail shelves carry products like yours.

Is Your Product Missing Valuable Food Labels?

Customers are looking for easy-to-read food labels that match their dietary needs. If your product isn’t up to date with the most popular food labels then the shopper will be more inclined to pick up a product that has these certifications displayed. Trending CPG food labels include gluten-free, vegan certified, and non-GMO.

Is Your Consumer Base Shopping Green?

CPG packaging expectations are shifting as more consumers, particularly millennials, are demanding that brands go leaner, greener, and reduce their carbon footprint. These shoppers are advocating for responsibly-sourced, recycle-friendly, lightweight, compostable, or reusable packaging materials. According to The Harvard Business Review, “In more than 90 percent of CPG categories, sustainability-marketed products grew faster than their conventional counterparts.” As consumers stop choosing less eco-friendly products, make sure your packaging is sustainable and positions your brand for survival.

How Competitive is Your Product Category?

Are legacy brands reinventing their packaging to whet consumers’ shifting appetites? Are new brands gaining market share for their minimalist packaging and bold graphic design? Examples of these disruptions are often found in the energy bar category, where consumption habits are high. To help identify the landscape of your CPG competition, contact Alliance for a comprehensive source of consumer intelligence insights.

Are You Looking to Cut Costs?

Maybe your product has lost market share since the pandemic hit or your company is looking to reduce packaging costs across the board. Rethinking how you package a product, like 7.5 oz. Coke “mini cans,” can reduce costs and enhance the brand.

If your answers are prompting the adoption of a new packaging design, our marketing and data teams are ready to reinvent how your product stands out in the marketplace.

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