How CPG Brands Are Responding to COVID-19

Over the past month, amidst the uncertainty caused by COVID-19, it’s been a challenge for companies to connect with consumers, while also keeping their employees safe and their products on shelf. Because most consumers are practicing social distancing and quarantining at home, brands have had to shift, and in some cases completely change, their digital and promotional strategies to reflect the current climate. While this was unquestionably a difficult feat, the CPG industry was up to the task. Here are some ways we’ve seen our clients react to this pandemic in an effort to boost customer’s spirits, take care of their employees, and give back to their communities. 

Hosting Contest & Giveaways to Engage with Customers:

Source: @coconutbliss

  • Bliss Unlimited hosted a social media contest giveaway, where their followers were encouraged to post at-home pictures of themselves with their Coconut Bliss, or what they would be doing if they had Coconut Bliss at home. From there, they chose six winners to receive a large shipment of Coconut Bliss delivered to their doors.
  • Clio Snacks is hosting product giveaways and creating social games like Boredom Buster to encourage engagement and interaction among their followers.
  • Lebby Chickpea Snacks is launching multiple giveaway contests to help their products reach consumers safely at home.
  • Serendipity Brands LLC is using their social media to create smiles by offering an ice cream giveaway to enable customers to host an at-home ice cream party!
  • Sweet Lorens is using their social media to help parents distract their children from the current climate by hosting a #homewithsweetlorens contest where followers have a chance to win free products.


Spreading Joy During the Pandemic:

Source: @califiafarms

  • Califia Farms is encouraging their followers to keep smiling through these tough times. The brand’s team started a blog to encourage people to share what made them smile throughout their days in quarantine. Additionally, Califia Farms partnered with local food banks and non-profit organizations to donate product to those in need.
  • Humm Kombucha launched a #FeelGoodFriday campaign featuring their two founders, Jamie and Michelle, sharing what they are doing to feel better during this period.
  • Kernels Season’s is creating humorous content to encourage digital interaction with its followers.
  • Wünder Creamery is using a less-filtered approach on their social platform by offering team updates and selfies of them working at home. Being this transparent helps customers relate to the brand. 


Motivating Customers to Get Moving & Be Creative:

Source: @vitacoco

  • Vita Coco is taking this time to interact with its follower base through virtual content from working out, to self-care, to happy hours.
  • Fitjoy Nutrition is hosting live yoga videos on their social networks to help their followers stay fit and relaxed at home. They are also utilizing their social media for comedic memes and funny posts to encourage laughter during these difficult times.
  • Litehouse Foods is using its social media posts to help parents think of fun crafts and activities to do with their children.


Taking Care of Customers & Their Own:

Source: @lindt_usa

  • Aleia’s Gluten Free Foods is offering helpful resources to customers with celiac disease who are searching for more information related to how the pandemic may affect them. 
  • Schar USA Inc is using this as an opportunity to give thanks to their essential employees who are working hard during these unprecedented times in order to keep their customers safe and well fed. 
  • Ghiradelli Chocolate Company closed their retail stores during this period, while also committing to paying employees who’ve been impacted their full paychecks.
  • Mom Made Foods is now offering at-home delivery in all 48 continental states in an effort to help customers cut down on grocery store visits. 
  • PhillySwirl took to social media to showcase their video “Nothing Slows Us Down” to show that they are ready and willing to go to work for their customers.
  • Lindt, like Ghiradelli, closed their retail stores during this period, while also paying their employees their full paychecks.
  • Tony’s Chocolonely took a different approach—in uncertain times they wanted to be transparent with their consumers on social media by saying they don’t know what the future looks like but they’re working to make sure their team and partners are taken care of.


Giving Back to Those in Need:

Source: @happyfamilyorganics

  • Happy Family Organics is adopting new protocols and utilizing all of their resources to help customers. They established a FAQ page and continue to rely on their live chat service where visitors can ask Happy Family Organics employees and nutritionists questions in real-time. They used their social media channels to start a conversation around grocery shopping and WIC items—alerting the public to avoid buying WIC-approved items if they’re low in stock to ensure the less fortunate can still get the items they need. Lastly, the brand used its power to help donate meals and snacks to the NYC community.
  • Icelandic Provisions is working with City Harvest NYC to donate food to those in need during this period of uncertainty.
  • Nature’s Bounty donated 100,000 bars to their community’s nonprofits, food banks, and healthcare facilities.
  • The a2 Milk Company is hosting a #sharingiscaring contest where they encourage followers to show how they are supporting their communities and networks for a chance to win free products.

During this pandemic, it can be challenging for businesses to keep operations going, pay employees, and build consumer loyalty. If you are looking for strategic recommendations on how to respond to COVID-19, we can help.

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