How Convenient Solutions Lead to a Great Customer Experience

2020 was a year that brought many challenges, including challenges to companies to pivot their strategies to provide for consumers changing lifestyles. The pandemic also hugely impacted the retail industry as online shopping and services became the new normal. As a result, the importance of an online presence as a key to brand growth was now more evident than ever.

There are many ways to build your business around being customer-focused, but why is maximizing convenience for consumers essential to your business plan?

Convenience in the CPG Industry

As a brand, you want to create a great shopping experience for the consumer. You want to deliver the right information to the right audience; that’s how you make a profit. You know your products can benefit consumers more than your competitor’s products, but how do you gain an edge? How do you create a lasting positive impression and relationship to keep consumers coming back for your brand? The answer is to provide a hassle free, convenient brand experience.

In today’s world, everyone is on the go. People want answers, experiences, and solutions right away. If you can provide convenience for a shopper to purchase your product or service, you can build trust and in return, a long-term, loyal customer.

How Your Brand Can Prioritize Convenience

Reduce Conflict

Nothing is more frustrating for a shopper than long waiting times, navigating complicated websites, or filling out extra forms when purchasing a service or product. It’s essential to reduce friction in the shopping experience. A user-friendly website, clear information on all communication channels, and easy ways to purchase are examples of strategies that provide ease to the consumer.

Use Technology to Enrich Customer Experience

Utilizing the right technology for your business is another way to provide convenience to both the shopper and you. For example, creating websites that can automatically populate a user’s information is a great way for a consumer to easily input, making on-the-go shopping a quick and simple experience.

If your business provides a service, you can develop websites that include live chats or FAQs people can utilize instead of calling. This use of technology reduces the wait time for a consumer to get an answer to their question or problem.

Offer Subscription Services

If you notice consumers are repurchasing a product often or repeatedly, think about adding a subscription service to your website. This service offering also means you’ll have consistent revenue that you can better predict during a timeframe.

Nowadays, you can subscribe to almost anything, not just specific magazines or newspapers. Sites such as Amazon offer product subscriptions where you’ll automatically be charged a certain day of the month and have the product shipped to you. This provides ease to the shopper, as they won’t forget to purchase your product or service.

The Power of Delivery

Instead of a shopper having to travel to purchase your product, make the product come to them. Now, many still don’t want to travel if it is unnecessary. According to CSM Wire, 70% of shoppers will be convinced to purchasing your product, as it provides convenience with a delivery service.

Prioritize Your Convenience Efforts to Your Target Shopper.

You don’t have to master or implement every convenience strategy; you can be successful by starting with the strategy that is most meaningful to your target buyer. Every brand is different, and catering to what works best for your consumer is the key to growth. Research other brands that inspire you and ask yourself what strategies you can adopt for your organization. When you provide a great shopping experience, consumers will remember your brand and continue to purchase your product in the long run.

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