Why Should I Attend a CPG Trade Show?

Whether you’re a large corporation or a small business, attending trade shows benefits your brand. CPG trade shows are open to brands within the consumer product goods industry that want to get in front of buyers and retailer, get a pulse on trends and competitors, and understand which vendors to leverage retailers and grow their brand. Attending trade show has the potential to help a business sell more products, gain shelf space, and shows brand recognition. Companies have an exciting opportunity to generate brand awareness and build business relationships with others in the same industry. You learn what’s currently trending with consumers and how to capture new cliental.

Typically, company representatives, press, and specific industry professionals attend. You can get a chance to meet food brokers, who are helpful in getting your product into stores. You can learn about new insights within the industry, latest product pricing, and opportunities for content marketing.

Brand Recognition

Thousands of people from different companies, retailers, brokers, and investors attend CPG trade shows. A few trade shows you can attend are the KeHe Summer Show, Sweets & Snacks Expo, and the CFIC Convention. This is a great opportunity to market your product. Getting your name out in the industry is key to growing your brand.

Build Relationships

There are many individuals with influence in the industry that attend these events. This provides opportunities, like building customer relationships and meeting industry leaders. By meeting individuals in person, you have a higher chance in building trust. In addition, it’s an opportunity to get in front of retailers and have them sample your product. In-person interactions are more memorable than a virtual meeting. Utilize the time to shake hands, introduce yourself and promote your brand in an authentic way.

Meet Service Providers

Getting your product in a retailer is a big step into growing your brand. Another benefit to attending trade shows is the opportunity to meet service providers. For example, representatives from food brokers frequently attend these events. Food brokers assist your brand in gaining distribution on retail shelves. If you’re looking to get your product in a retailer, learning more about a broker can help your brans scale more quickly and sustainably. Trade shows provide the opportunity for you to interact with representatives face to face, allowing you to make a great first impression, and possibly begin a partnership.

Meet Your Competition

When you walk through the show, you get to see different displays and exhibits from your competitors. Think about the image they are portraying to the attendees; what is their brand doing that yours isn’t? You can learn from observing others by finding trends and key insights to what drives their audience. Walking the exhibitor hall allows you to learn from others, identify trends, and develop key insights into a competitor brand’s strategy. Using your market research, you can develop different techniques to incorporate into your business plan.

There are many trade shows to attend each year. Notable CPG trade shows such as National Products Expo East and National Products Expo West provide fantastic opportunities for a business to build recognition, relationships, and marketing.

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