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5 Ways to Tell a Compelling Brand Story with Video

Brand Story Video
Brand Story Video

Some people may say that the story behind your brand is not necessary for people to know, that it’s frivolous to dive into anything besides the product that you’re putting out there. However, communicating the story that got you to where you are humanizes your company and allows the consumer to feel more personally connected to your brand.

When creating a video about your company, you only have so much time to engage your viewers with a compelling story.

What are some of the most effective ways you can make use of that time?

1. Give the Viewer Insight into your Back Story

When did you start the company? What were the first few years like? Did you face any struggles? Don’t make it a movie—but be sure to really allow the viewer to feel like they’re walking beside you as you explain the “why” behind your brand’s existence.

2. Build Trust By Being Authentic

Having a script as a guideline is great, a guideline script ensures that you hit all your major talking points but avoids the feeling that your intent is to sell something to the audience. Be real, be yourself, relax, and have some fun. Authenticity will show your audience who you really are, and, in turn, begin to build that trust and connection between your brand and your audience.

Perhaps try and use bullet points rather than typing up everything that needs to be said. This will allow you to come up with some content off the cuff while showcasing more of the unique personality behind your brand.

3. Show the Process Behind your Product or Service

People want to see what goes into making your product so be as transparent as possible. Film some b-roll footage of the process, whether it’s during the manufacturing stage or just one person in the kitchen experimenting with recipes—people like to be in the know when it comes to where their favorite product is coming from.

4. Emotionally Connect with Your Target Audience

You don’t need to open the flood gates and start crying, but if viewers can see how passionate you are about your brand they’ll become advocates for your product before they’ve even tried it. After all, authenticity goes a long way.

5. Use On-Brand Music to Evoke Emotion

There are plenty of royalty-free music sites out there (Artlist.io), so spend some time finding a track that feels right and appropriate for the goal of the video. Whether it’s a sad ballad when you’re trying to communicate how fun your brand is, or a plucky acoustic number meant to showcase the long, stressful hours and sleepless nights it takes to perfect your product, using the wrong music will take the viewer out of the video instantly.

Utilize these tips to craft that perfect and effective brand story in your next video. Always remember that the main reason for sharing your brand story is to evoke a connection between your brand and its consumers. You want to come across as more than just a product. Create something that communicates your desired perception, and drives home what makes your brand special.

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