Functional and Nutritional Products on the Rise

With the spread of COVID-19, more Americans are switching towards natural remedies to improve and boost their immunity. Whether it’s to prevent sickness or simply to get added nutrients, shoppers are rapidly buying functional food and beverage products.

The trend of people turning towards buying food and beverage products that promote health benefits has been around for a few years and is only going to increase. Prebiotic and probiotic-enriched foods have disrupted many categories from dairy to beverages as they appeal to consumers who want to improve their digestive health.

During this pandemic, functional foods and beverages enriched with nutrients are gaining traction. Based on data collected by Nielsen, kombucha is experiencing a sales increase of 10.1% compared to last year. Lifeway Foods, known for its probiotic-enriched products like kefir, have spiked in sales due to accelerating demand.

Foods filled with antioxidants and vitamins have also increasingly been added to many shoppers’ diets and baskets over the last several weeks. From health enhancements to reducing stress, many people are looking towards natural remedies to boost their immune systems and reduce visits to medical facilities.

With such high demand, brands like Lifeway are working to keep supplies in stock and on shelves. Due to this increase in use, functional food and beverage brands are going to see a lift in market share and consumer loyalty. Industry experts expect this trend of shoppers prioritizing products with immunity and health benefits to carry into the future. With this surge of interest, it’s likely that brands will work to incorporate more functional products into their portfolios to stay competitive.

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