How Social Media Can Help Build Your Brand

In today’s society, social media has become part of the everyday lifestyle. People of all ages are constantly online engaging with others and receiving information like never before. As a fast and inexpensive marketing strategy, many have started taking advantage of the powerful reach sites like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok can provide.

Social media can be an effective initial investment for your marketing strategy, delivering a positive ROI as your brand builds an online presence. But with countless other marketing and advertising tactics available, you may be wondering why social media marketing is so important.

Your Content, Your Way

Creating content for your social media can be an exciting experience. There are many trends that brands have utilized to maintain popularity online. Your content promotes your brand voice and how you want the audience to perceive your business.

Taking it Personally

Having a personal touch with your content can help the audience feel connected to you. When something is relatable and reachable, people are more inclined to interact or purchase from your business. For example, creating a “behind the scenes” video on Instagram or TikTok allows a person to view a sneak peek of how your product is made. This provides transparency, and in return, builds trust for the consumer.

Trending Now

Depending on your brand voice, another option to create buzz around your brand is to utilize trending hashtags and sounds from TikTok, one of the largest social platforms in the world. When you use trending songs on the app, you’re more likely to be pushed to the “for you page” for specific users who would best interact with your account. Trends can be informative yet have a comedic touch that draws a viewer into the video.

For instance, brands such as Scrub Daddy have found a creative way to promote their products and gain over two-million followers on TikTok. Their videos hook the audience because of the way they promote their brand voice through humorous trends. Some of the company’s videos have reached over one million views, gaining popularity and leads across the app. The company creates content that pushes boundaries by utilizing wordplay around the name of its product. This makes the brand memorable compared to other products, which in return can lead to more purchases from shoppers.

Interaction Drives Results

Interacting with other brands and even influencers can help grow your social profiles and online presence. Commenting, liking, or sharing related posts shows your audience that you’re active online. Many brands have taken the approach of commenting on other profiles, allowing their followers to get a glimpse of their brand voice. This is a great brand-building strategy to reach your target audience, especially if you interact with those accounts that align with your brand’s values.

Promoting with Popularity

It’s no secret that influencers play an important role in the CPG industry. Products can go viral overnight when an influencer promotes your brand. If you’re in a specific category such as gluten-free, partnering with a gluten-free content creator can boost your reach to new target consumers. These types of creators, for example, establish a sense of trust among their followers, influencing shoppers’ purchase decisions every day. This is a good way to enhance your brand image and provides an opportunity to gain popularity.

The Data-Driven Approach

With social media and built-in tracking tools, you will be able to see the impact you create online. From followers to engagements, you can track a user’s social media journey, which can give you a better understanding of how to interact with your audience. Investing in platforms like Google Analytics or Sprout Social can allow you to track traffic to your website generated from social media advertisements or posts. This is a great way to prove ROI, as this data can show your progress over time and provide insight into your target shopper.

TikTok and Instagram provide tracking for business profiles, making it simple and easy to get data from a post. In the long run, ROI data can help save you time and money because it provides direction for your marketing strategy.

Social media marketing isn’t black and white; you have an opportunity to build your presence in a way that fits your brand. The possibilities of content creation are endless, and you can easily reach a user in an instant all over the world. For right now these social media channels are here to stay, and the opportunities for growth and profit can begin with just a profile.

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