A Note From Our CEO: Bridging the Gap Between Social Media & Face-to-Face Communication

Many of you are well aware that social media is not a part of my life. Over the past few months, I’ve been thinking about what I’m missing and how I could benefit—both personally and professionally—by jumping on social media. I’ve gone back and forth wondering if I actually have enough time to jump in and Tweet, or conversely, what if I really like posting and can’t put my phone down.

I know myself well enough that there are some things I could get myself into and be unable to let go of. For instance, one of the reasons I never play golf is because I know it could easily become all-consuming, especially at the expense of my family time. There are so many people in my life who feel that social media makes them feel more connected to friends and family. But as I watch them post, chat, and Tweet, I wonder is this right for me?

With that thought in mind, I Googled the “top trending social media topics” and came across a site listing the most popular Twitter trends by the hour. I took note of the #1 topic (an unfamiliar name) and when I checked the list 12 hours later, the #1 trend was not even in the top 10 topics. It’s simply amazing the pace at which technology works and how powerful it is across the world. Things can move at warp speed and our brands have benefited from it.

I like connecting with people by shaking hands, picking up the phone, and meeting in person. It’s also nice to be able to Zoom with our team across the country and see them when we can’t easily get on a plane and meet face-to-face. I also value my time with people, and when I am with them, I put my phone away and focus on them. It’s a conscious choice I make every day to make time for the people who are making time for me.

One of the great things about Alliance is we have an amazing team of professionals who do tap into the power of social media and drive awareness to our brands and the great things our brand partners are doing—beyond providing amazing food and beverages. In fact, for many of the brands we work with, the ultimate dream is to have a piece of content go viral and spread like wildfire across devices.

As social media continues to evolve, I’ll likely one day jump in, but I’m confident that the connections we feel when we’re all making Tik Tok tortillas in our kitchen is a good thing. Regardless of whether you’re like me and prefer a phone call to a text or an Instagram direct message, let’s all vow to stay connected. Let’s build people up with the power of social media. We’re all better together.