10 Podcasts to Propel Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Podcasts have become a growing medium in the CPG industry. Several companies and agencies are launching their own food and beverage podcasts to contextualize trends, interview thought leaders, and more. Below are some of the top trending podcasts to listen to if you need some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

The Food Marketing Nerds Podcast

Created by Blue Bear Creative, this podcast series features interviews with leaders and innovators in the consumer product goods & restaurant marketing worlds. Through interviews with thought leaders in the industry, you will gain insight on the multiple facets that go into launching and advertising a product – from production to branding and all that’s in between. Some of the interviewees include Kris Ford, Marketing Director at Deep River Snacks, and the founder of Barnana, Nik Ingersoll.


Presented by SnackNation and ForceBrands presents the top CPG podcast on iTunes. Each podcast features leaders from the CPG industry discussing their path to success. With each story and interview, listeners can learn from the successes and failures of others and apply that knowledge in their own business endeavors. MOD Pizza’s CEO, Scott Svenson is one of the many influential entrepreneurs featured on this podcast.

CPG Insiders

Hosted by Jekyll and Hyde Advertising’s CEO, Mark Young, and Director of Accounts, co-host Justin Girouard. This podcast dives into their insight and perspective on how to become a brand disruptor and enhance your marketing campaigns. Their podcast topics vary from product packaging to consumer trends, providing a good mix of content to choose and learn from.

The Jason & Scot Show

This podcast is hosted by e-commerce industry veterans, Jason Goldberg, CCS Officer at Publicis Communications, and Scot Wingo, Founder and Executive Chairman of ChannelAdvisor. This weekly podcast offers a variety of episode topics regarding the e-commerce and online shopping world including interviews, deep-dive analyses, and current news.

Taste Radio

Presented by BevNET, this podcast is catered for food and beverage professionals. This podcast also includes first-hand interviews but with all types of industry professionals from leaders, to disruptors to newbies. Among the podcast features, expect to see interviews with Dang Foods CEO, Vincent Kitirattragarn, and Gail Becker, CEO of Caulipower.

Real Food Brands Marketing Podcast

This podcast is catered to all things related to the natural food and beverage sector. With this series, you can expect insider tips on how to develop a powerful brand strategy to effectively reach your audience and stakeholders. Whether you are new to the industry or a veteran, you can learn emerging trends and topics to better enhance your brand or develop your product.

Food Biz Wiz

Hosted by former Head of Grocery & Grocery Buyer at Bi-Rite Market, Alli Ball, this podcast dives into all the ins and outs of launching and growing a product. Developing, introducing, and marketing a food or beverage product can be intimidating so this series goes in-depth about how to navigate through this process and launch a successful product that will become a consumer favorite.

Delighted By Life and Business

This podcast is hosted by DELIGHTED BY Desserts’ founder, Makenzie Marzluff. She gathers individuals and experts to discuss various topics including plant-based eating, sustainability, zero-waste, and more. Her goal is to introduce these topics to help make a change in individuals’ lives and their communities.

Why Food Podcast

Whether you are creating your own product or opening a restaurant, this podcast highlights the trailblazers in the food industry. Hosted by Ethan Frisch, Co-Founder of Burlap & Barrel, Founder of Studio ATAO and well-known chef Jenny Dorsey, and Vallery Lomas, winner of the Great American Baking Show. Each episode interview will discuss the struggles and successes of these trailblazers and go in-depth on how their idea or concept came to fruition.

What’s Cooking

Brought to you by two food lovers, Kat and Beth, this podcast follows the adventures of innovators and their businesses. To give you a more personal perspective, the hosts will ask their interviewee unique questions to learn more about their journey to success. They have interviewed multiple influential leaders including, Nikki Tadema, COO of City Harvest.

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