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The Advantages of Working with a Food Broker

If you have just started in the grocery industry or have a beverage or food product you’d like to pitch to a retailer, partnering with a food broker could be the key to your success. The goal of a food broker is to get your product on a shelf at a grocery store and help you market your product to customers.

These companies are experts in the industry and help grow your distribution while attracting consumers through different marketing and in-store merchandising tactics. But ultimately, what are the benefits to a food broker?

Save Time and Money

Hiring a broker can help save money in the long run. Of course, there is always the option to hire your own sales and marketing team, but hiring a broker saves you money on employee salaries, benefits, and travel expenses. By using the broker’s team, you can focus on other aspects of your business. This will help expand profitability and efficiency, while reaching new channels of distribution.

Market Expertise

These companies have extensive experience in working with different markets and vendors. Food brokers can develop plans to market your product in various locations. With extensive marketing research, they can discover which products sell best at which retailers, plan store displays, and create the best marketing strategy for your brand.

Brokers also help expand your product to new territories. Utilizing big data and advanced analytics, they help you navigate complexities and avoid future issues that may arise.

Established Connections with Retailers

As these companies are well established in the industry, you can utilize their connections for a new business venture. Usually, it’s difficult to establish a relationship with large retailers. Food brokers can increase brand exposure to popular retailers such as Albertsons, Kroger, Whole Foods, and H-E-B. They serve as your representative in the retailer, facilitating face-to-face meetings and securing better positioning for your brand on shelf.

Access to Retailer Sales Data & Consumer Data

Not only can food brokers get your product on a shelf, but they also can provide important data that will grow your revenue and brand. Big data and advanced analytics can allow you to predict and adapt to the changing market. For example, brokers can utilize Business Intelligence Solutions which will provide information that assists you in uncovering opportunities and developing omnichannel marketing plans.

Overall, there are multiple advantages to partnering with a food broker. They can help increase sales by saving time and money, but also use their marketing expertise to help with visual merchandising or inventory management. Utilizing brokers can not only help your product get into retail stores, but also reach new markets like never before.

Alliance Sales & Marketing can take your brand to new heights. As a nationwide food broker with industry expertise, we tailor our strategy to your brand’s needs. We offer multiple business intelligence solutions to navigate the retail landscape and increase sales with data-driven decisions. Our team of analysts, marketing specialists, client experience managers, and account executives collaborate and ensure you have everything you need for success. Contact us today to learn more.

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